Our company is a professional manufacturer of " resin, glass reinforced plastic" plane model in china. The products all adopt making-handcraft of Chaoshan technology. As a specialized airplane model factory, we have possessed following advantages :
● One-up production: We are the first plane model professional manufacturers of eastern Guangdong. We have accumulated over thirty years of experience in making manual and replica models. 
● Large variety : There are 110 different types plane models, such as civil, military, lateral plane, etc. and have guided missile, rocket, airship from soup to nuts.
● Most specifications: Have more than 250 kinds of specifications plane models.
● Max. length plane model: 630 cm plane model achieve the top of similar products in china. 
● Excellent quality: Our airplane models have high simulation level and  high quality level, which received a wide recognition from national and international customers. We have produced airplane models for some international aviation companies, such as the Boeing Company, Airbus, Raytheon Aircraft Company, JAL and etc. 
● Our customers 
* 28 airlines, such as three major groups of china, EMS and etc.
* Ten plane model manufacturers of china, such as the Shenyang Aircraft and etc.
* More than 30 foreign airlines, such as Northwest Airlines, JAL and etc. 
* More than 10 foreign planes manufacturers, such as Boeing, Airbus, Raytheon Aircraft, and etc.
* 37 kinds of airplane models, such as fighter plane of the world, training plane, and etc. 


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